Key definitions

Key definitions

Health - the absence of disease.

Safety - the absence of risk of serious personal injury.

Welfare - access to basic facilities.

(The provision of facilities to maintain the health and well-being of individuals at the workplace. Welfare facilities include washing and sanitation arrangements, the provision of drinking water, heating, lighting, accommodation for clothing,seating (when required by the work activity or for rest), eating and rest rooms. First-aid arrangements are also considered as welfare facilities.)

Accident - an unplanned, unwanted event that leads to injury, damage or loss.

Near miss - an unplanned, unwanted event that had the potential to lead to injury, damage or loss (but did not actually do so).

Dangerous occurrence - a specified event that may have to be reported to the relevant authority by law.

Hazard - something with the potential to cause harm.

Risk - the likelihood that a hazard will cause harm, in combination with the severity of injury, damage or loss that might occur.

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