Introduction to Health and Safety at Work

  Occupational health and safety is relevant to all branches of industry, business and commerce including traditional industries, information technology companies, the National Health Service, care homes, schools, universities, leisure facilities and offices.

Occupational health and safety affects all aspects of work. In a low hazard organization, health and safety may be supervised by a single competent manager. In a high hazard manufacturing plant, many different specialists, such as engineers (electrical, mechanical and civil), lawyers, medical doctors and nurses, trainers, work planners and supervisors may be required to assist the professional health and safety practitioner in ensuring that there are satisfactory health and safety standards within the organization.

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) mission is to ensure that the risks to health and safety of workers are properly controlled. In terms of corporate responsibility, it is working to encourage organizations to:


  • Improve health and safety management systems to reduce injuries and ill-health.
  • Demonstrate the importance of health and safety issues at board level.
  • Report publicly on health and safety issues within their organization, including their performance against targets.

The HSE believes that effective management of health
and safety:

  • is vital to employee well-being
  • has a role to play in enhancing the reputation
    of businesses and helping them achieve high performance
  • is financially beneficial to business


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